Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Sneewittchen" Print Launch!

Well it’s Spring again and the centipedes are in full bloom, restless to decorate their underground lairs. Gone are the spare black portraits of old man Winter, but something bold and colorful is needed to welcome in the joyous respite from gloom. And what to put in Winter’s place, you may ask? Well I have just the thing my restless magpies.

Yes, the “Sneewittchen” arrives in full bloom tomorrow at the CRG store! It is #2 in my series of mini-prints for those of modest house or budget. This color-drenched giclee´ print is 10” square with deckled edges, hand-applied glitter applique, signed and numbered and limited to 50. It ships flat with a certificate of authenticity from CRG studios. Centipedes not included. Oh and they are $100!

Happy Spring everyone!

PS. Much more stuff to come to the store in the next few weeks, check back and visit, will you?

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