Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Make A Hoot

What actually goes into the making of these nocturnal vermin snackers? These puffy hoots have been flapping around in my mind belfry for some time now, and I thought it was time to bring them out of the dusty mental recesses and into the world of real things.

I always try to start simple, but I don’t usually end up there after it is all said and done.
I start with a story:

Then I do some design. That part takes forever, as there are endless variations of colors, of sizes, of materials, but I try to lock down my ideas at some point. 

Then we have the many headed hydra known as production! I personally, don’t really like to make over 100 thingies, but this time i thought I’d bamboozle some folks into working at my lilliputian doll factory and see what we could do collectively. 

It turns out, a lot! Here are some picts of the fabrication process. These are all made in the USA, because I am a bit of a control freak and also I am very into supporting local, independent businesses and paying a living wage. 

My sister came up with a rad bow design: 

Lo and behold, straw into gold, we have a product. 

Then what, you may be asking? 

Well, a nice photo shoot has to happen, and images need to be created of the things, so I wandered out into my yard and snapped a few. They were ok, but I thought maybe they could be better. Perfect is the enemy of the good, I am guilty. 

The next day it was torrentially raining, so me and the Hoots had to set up inside. They proved to be excellent models.  

 Who wants a peanut? 

Finally the hoots were ready for the world, and I felt comfortable releasing them. You may be asking yourself, who would do all of this? Why create all of this extra work for myself when I could just be watching the Walking Dead and baking bread? Mostly because they are so cute, but mainly because I am insane.

Available at the CRG Store! Enjoy!!!


  1. Just simply awesome. Thanks for sharing the process!

  2. actually that's a very good kind of insane and i hope it encourages insanity among many others (an epidemic would be nice) and it is generous of you to share your secrets...i promise to take my hoots into the woods on special occasions . . . - two-bit johnny xx

  3. Absolutely love it, Camille. I kept checking and checking to see when you would post these process photos! :D Hope you're having a lovely holiday so far and I can't wait until you release your lavender hoots.

  4. Paintings I LOVE the Snow White painting!!! Do you know of anywhere where I could buy a print?