Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clowny Summer

I can’t explain why but I’ve been painting clowns all summer. They showed up in a least 2 paintings I was working on in addition to quite a few daydreams and nightmares. It started with These little pals:

I became strangely obsessed with their faces, the simplicity of the horror, the triangle eyes, the red white and blue.  Just the head ended up in this painting:

But I had to go further, I needed more. Then this guy showed up:

And this one:

Well, 3 clowns made it into the final painting, but an infinite number have crawled into my dreams and seem to be setting up a candy shop. Anyone for a lolly?


  1. I absolutely love it. Those clown dolls are great and creepy (as clowns should be), but your use of teal and red? Le sigh.

  2. I had just heard a story from a friend's husband. As a child, his mother collected clowns and had an entire room filled with shelves of clown dolls and figurines, as well as clown sheets, clown pillows, you name it. Of course, it was also the kids' television room. One day while he was watching tv, an earthquake started and the numerous clown dolls all started to vibrate off the shelves and fall onto his head. His thought was something like, "This is it. They've finally decided to come for me." That's the most legitimate reason for a lifelong fear of clowns I've heard in a while.

    The creepiness factor of the clowns in your painting is fantastic.

  3. Really good work ! Amazing characters !