Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Make A Hoot

What actually goes into the making of these nocturnal vermin snackers? These puffy hoots have been flapping around in my mind belfry for some time now, and I thought it was time to bring them out of the dusty mental recesses and into the world of real things.

I always try to start simple, but I don’t usually end up there after it is all said and done.
I start with a story:

Then I do some design. That part takes forever, as there are endless variations of colors, of sizes, of materials, but I try to lock down my ideas at some point. 

Then we have the many headed hydra known as production! I personally, don’t really like to make over 100 thingies, but this time i thought I’d bamboozle some folks into working at my lilliputian doll factory and see what we could do collectively. 

It turns out, a lot! Here are some picts of the fabrication process. These are all made in the USA, because I am a bit of a control freak and also I am very into supporting local, independent businesses and paying a living wage. 

My sister came up with a rad bow design: 

Lo and behold, straw into gold, we have a product. 

Then what, you may be asking? 

Well, a nice photo shoot has to happen, and images need to be created of the things, so I wandered out into my yard and snapped a few. They were ok, but I thought maybe they could be better. Perfect is the enemy of the good, I am guilty. 

The next day it was torrentially raining, so me and the Hoots had to set up inside. They proved to be excellent models.  

 Who wants a peanut? 

Finally the hoots were ready for the world, and I felt comfortable releasing them. You may be asking yourself, who would do all of this? Why create all of this extra work for myself when I could just be watching the Walking Dead and baking bread? Mostly because they are so cute, but mainly because I am insane.

Available at the CRG Store! Enjoy!!!