Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Peppermint Man Rescues Spring

Perhaps you have been pining for something chitty-chitty-bang-bang-ish to wear this spring for your great aunt Germaine’s taffy pull, but you just can’t seem to find exactly the right thing anywhere. No need to fall into fashion funk! I have something, oh, something rather different, a bit sweet, and guaranteed to invite all sorts of weird questions from friends and family alike.

Launching this Friday, I am over the peppermint moon to announce the first T-shirt in a series of “wearables” I am doing this year. This one bears the handsome image of The Peppermint Man himself toodling along in his flying car. Where is he going you ask? Well, he could be on his way to the farmer’s market to refresh his supply of wormwood, or perhaps he needs more pink syrup for his purple pancakes. Either way, I want to take him to the fair for some cotton candy. Anyone game?

He comes in four delicious flavors: black Licorice, Apricot Pie, Cherry Valance, and Colonel Mustard. Lady shapes and man shapes, cause they’re different. I don’t think I have to explain why.

Come get some flavor this Friday at the CRG Store!
T-Shirts go on sale this Friday, May 17th at 12 noon PST at the CRG Store.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum

I'm in San Francisco this week for my show at the Walt Disney Family Museum. It's an amazing place. I took some time to view the permanent exhibit, which includes early annimation drawings, a multiplane annimation camera, and a miniature replica of Disneyland! Come by this Saturday, May 11th, I'll be doing a talk at 2 pm and signing at 4pm. The museum is open until 6. See you there!