Thursday, April 18, 2013

May Juxtapoz Cover!

Just wanted to share this with you, I am very honored to be on the cover of Juxtapoz for the May edition! It's a special edition cover, which means it's not available everywhere, (I think it's west coast only). There is a big feature article inside as well. Get your hands on one soon!!


"Nature Can be Unkind" print launch this  Friday, April 19th, 12 noon PST

What’s that flapping in that tree? Is it the rustling of a hungry pair of owls you hear? Don’t you just want to bring them inside and stare at them for awhile? Oh, but an owl is such a difficult thing to catch.

Don’t fret, my feather fond friends, I have just the thing for your aviary parlor, bird-hobbyist attic, or maybe you want to add to your granny’s owl collection.

Yes, Friday, April 19th,  at 12 noon PST, “Nature Can Be Unkind” flaps into the CRG Store!  #3 in my series of mini-prints, 10" x 10" signed and numbered limited edition of 50. Hand deckled edge and hand-applied glitter applique. Come take a look over at the CRG Store!

Tee- shirts coming next week, stay tuned!!


  1. hey! i just saw your cover on the mag last night. congrats! looks awesome :)

  2. Congrats, looks amazzing, the best ever!